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Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited, is a Nigerian owned Limited Liability company and was established in Nigeria and registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja (CAC), on 5th March, 2019 with Registration No: 1558207.

Its range of business activities include the following:

  1. Import and Export Services
  2. International Freight Forwarding (Air Cargos)
  3. Clearing and Forwarding (Sea/Shipping Cargos)
  4. International Freight Forwarding/Clearing and Forwarding (importable and exportable petroluem products)
  5. Petroleum Haulage (Gas)
  6. Petroleum Haulage (white products; industrail chemicals, PMS, AGO, DPK etc)
  7. Petroluem Bulk Haulage (Oil trucks, tanker vessels and marine)
  8. Haulage of goods/cargos
  9. Plastic Recycling
  10. Solid Minerals (Minning, Purchase and sales of Gemstones and gold)
  11. Real Estate Management and Development
  12. Export Services (Export Brokerage, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Export Contracts Procurement, Product Sourcing and buyers and sellers forum)
  13. Oil and Gas
  14. General Mechandise.

Other functions of Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited is as follow:
To promote the development and diversification of Nigeria’s rich economy through non – oil export trade, import, international freight forwarding/clearing and forwarding of petroleum products and cargos, haulage of goods/cargos and petroleum products, solid minerals, Oil and Gas, real statement management and development, plastic recycling and export services etc. and by showcasing Nigeria’s products to the world via export trade.

By collaborating with the various Nigeria’s Government agencies concerned and export related industries in Nigeria and overseas in boosting the export trade in Nigeria for foreign exchange earnings and for mutual benefits to the growth of the Nigeria’s GDP.

Other day to day operating objectives to be pursued by Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited, is to be fully involved in export promotion activities and development in Nigeria and worldwide.

Also to maintain adequate and efficient representation of the company in Nigeria and in international countries around the world in the export trade business particularly as well as others listed therein. Also in the area of human resources training and export development activities. By collaborating with relevant public and private sector organizations, trade organizations and Nigeria’s government agencies concerned.

Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited aspires to grow the Nigeria’s economy through the business of value addition to the exportable products especially the agricultural produce and farming and export trade development in Nigeria.

We also specialized in:

    — Product identification
    — Product Development
    — Costing and Pricing
    — Packing and Packaging
    — Product Design and Adaptation
    — Advisory Services and Training (for beginners in export and import business, clearing and forwarding, international freight forwarding, maritime, oil and gas, solid mineral, haulage and plastic recycling.
    — Market Research
    — Export Procedures and Documentation in Nigeria
    — Market Advisory Services
    — Product Destination around the world
    — Manpower Development

Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited:
Our export and import strategies in global supply chain includes the following (What our esteemed customers need to know about the following):
— National Export product map (Destination of export commodities)
— Prior notice of imported food shipment to the USA
— Nigerian exportable products and export prohibition list
— Detailed list of exportable products e.g:

  1. Agricultural commodities
  2. Agro-allied products
  3. Semi-manufactured goods
  4. Manufactured goods
  5. Processed goods

— World commodity price list
— Local Market Price list
— Current guidelines for the registration of Nigeria exporters
— Organization to be registered in Nigeria
— Documentation required for registration
— Export registration certificate/license
— Solid Minerals (Gemstone/gold investment in Nigeria, Procurement, purchase, sales, license and export procedures and documentation regarding solid minerals in Nigeria)
— Art and Craft
— What a beginner exporter in Nigeria needs to know about market to target and knowledge of the targeted market.
— The Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) between our host country Nigeria and that of the importers country which could benefit both (exporter and importer)
— Trade Promotion organizations (TPOs)
— Trade Association
— Trade Information
— Current guidelines for export procedures and documentation in Nigeria
— Responsibilities of the banks to carrying out export trades in Nigeria
— Responsibilities of the exporter and importer in export trade
— Responsibilities of the pre-shipment inspection agent
— The responsibilities of the Nigeria custom service and other Nigeria government agencies
— Offenses and penalties
— Incoterms 2000 (International Commercial Terms)
— Description of some documents in export trade
— Packing list/packaging
— Export financing in Nigeria
— Export expansion grant (EEG)

Other Parts of Raygold Global Investment Nigeria Limited responsibilities are as follows:
— Providing trade information services
— Simplifying export and import trade and documentation
— Support to companies and individuals interested in export and import trade, international freight forwarding/clearing and forwarding, petroleum products/cargo haulage, oil and gas, real estate development, solid minerals with bias for gemstones and gold, and recycling business in Nigeria.
— To engage in manpower development, training by way of seminar, workshop, consultancy and one on one meeting with our team of professional in the field for mentorship
— Export Product sourcing and market selection
— We serve as advisor links for companies and individual to understanding the enabling environment for conducting export trade Nigeria and around the world
— International sales rep for manufacturers of goods and services/franchise

And most imprtantly all Raygold Global Investment Business activities are credibly efficient, durable, trusted, reliable, secure, highly profitable, marketable and licensed by the various Nigeria’s government agencies concerned.

Therefore, we are licensed and empowered by the Nigerian government to operate under the following categories:

  1. Exporter/Importer by NEPC
    License Number: 0007137
  2. International fright forwarding/clearing and forwarding by NCS
    License number: C6078RC1558207
  3. International Freight Forwarding/Clearing and forwarding of exportable and importable petroleum products by DPR (Specialized Category)
    License Number: DPR/0GISP/21/5743684/N252739
  4. Petroleum haulage (Gas by DPR (Major Category)
    License Number: DPR/OGISP/21/8534243/N253559
  5. Petroleum Haulage (White products: PMS, AGO, DPK, etc) by DPR (Major Category)
    License Number: DPR/OGISP/21/3582763/N253599
  6. Solid Minerals (Gemstones and gold – purchase and possess licenses by FMSD)
  7. Tax Clearance |Certificate (TTC) by FIRS
    TTC Number: 221220892746